About K.D.

Hello! I am Ethan Caudle. That’s nearly all you will know about me from this page.

However, what is true, is that this site is called Krakendammerung, which means “twilight of the leviathan”. This site is dedicated to my philosophy and my ideas, which primarily center around the modern world and how it works, as well as the philosophical nature of the apocalypse. I have not been inspired by Covid-19 or any other sort of “cultural fad”, this work of mine has been inspired by a far greater and more personal event. My philosophy will slip in and out of many different categories, but it will in the most honest way, be a philosophy of society and humanity.

The goal of this blog is to educate, inspire, and madden you to the point where you too, can be as insane as I am. There is no left or right here, there is no authority or liberty, I am but a nomad that rejects the “cathedrals” and “hegemonies” of modern politics. You will be offended, you will be inspired, and you will most importantly learn. Do not be afraid. The times ahead are good, really really good.

P.S. Honey, it’s been three years since the car crash, the doctors say you can’t hear me, but I’m pretty sure your eyes are moving under your eyelids for a reason. Please wake up. The kids miss you and I miss you.