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Warning: When reading this post, assume that I view all humans as insignificant specks in an infinite cosmos and that I do not wish to give special treatment to any specific group of people, because this is indeed what I believe.

I’ve searched @Outsideness’ Twitter page for the exact post in order to avoid being “called out” for making up lies. However, not only was I unable to find the specific post relating to what I am currently writing, but it also occurred to me that the NRx community doesn’t usually care about false information anyways.

Don’t get me wrong, Nick Land has done a lot for the philosophical community and his works should be read by every aspiring student of schizo-philosophy, but in recent years, his ideas have gone from a relatively high quality to retweeting blue-checkmark establishment mediavores on Twitter in order to prove some sort of point to his followers.

In this post I will be taking aim at his opinions on the riots and “somalianization”, but while using his own ideas against his current ones, to drive home the point I intend to make.

Starting off, one of his most defining moments of his creeping senescence, is the unironic retweets of Liberty Hangout, aka the Trumpian monarchist Kaitlin Bennet. He had agreed that the chaos in Minneapolis was a direct cause of the increasing “somalianization” of the city, which he hated. Some people called him out on this with the “but isn’t accelerationism about chaos?” to which he replied, stating how accelerationism is “about the feedback circuits” and not about chaos. This is true, for accelerationism is about the deterritorializational nature of capitalism and the “riding of the wave” in order to achieve social change, but this is where Archaeo-Land arrives from the past and corrects him.

The cause of the social unrest in Minneapolis and the rest of the world can be directly traced back to capitalism. The increasing abuse of the proletariat (a large amount of which are African American) at the hands of the corporations and wage-slavers, as well as from the abuse of the policing-class sent to keep them under control, sparked the riots. As in, the riots are – in themselves – the process of deterritorialization that capitalism exerts on the world that it exists within, which makes the “somalianization” of Minneapolis a product of capitalism’s accelerative deterritorializing qualities.

The mistake Neo-Nick from the future-present makes, is he assumes that his racial biases are somehow proven by capitalism’s exertion of force upon the black proletariat as a sign of the white elite’s superiority over them, but is unwilling to accept the riots are the result of the subsequential release and deterritorialization that capitalism also goes through when dealing with the black proletariat.

What does this imply about Land’s current beliefs? It implies that he is no longer any true accelerationist, for he picks and chooses what capitalism deterritorializes and doesn’t deterritorialize in order to maintain his racist views, as well as no longer loving capitalism for it’s deterritorializing effects, but instead loving capitalism for some other reason. It also implies that while he espouses an anti-humanist ideology, he only seems to use this to justify his views on black people, which doesn’t make sense in the long run, because how can you be anti-humanist and simultaneously believe that somehow capitalism deterritorializes to the benefit of the white elite? Tell me, how can one be an accelerationist and simultaneously whine about when it accelerates over your beliefs?

“Anyone trying to work out what they think about accelerationism better do so quickly. That’s the nature of the thing. It was already caught up with trends that seemed too fast to track when it began to become self-aware, decades ago. It has picked up a lot of speed since then.”

Nick Land said this very thing not too long ago, and it has evidently been proven true by his own inability to grasp the nature of acceleration, for, in the end, acceleration is not a traditional, white, elitist force that improves the conditions of the elite, but it is a merciless, uncontrolled, and inhuman accelerative process that doesn’t care whether or not your property rights are violated or if white power is deterritorialized and then reterritorialized with black power. It’s doubly ironic considering that he talked so extensively about the deterritorializing effects of capitalism, and then went and created a tripartite unification of religion, ethnocentrism, and capitalism known as NRx, which somehow suggests that two anthropocentric control-based ideas can be united with an inhuman economic system that quite literally devours, shits out, and then re-devours the first two.

Also, for an added point, even if black people are a force of chaos, how would that be a bad thing? Does the accelerationist not see deterritorialization as a tool for change? Do they not see capitalism as a useful source of deterritorialization? And if black people themselves deterritorialize, then why not back them up too? How can you claim to love capitalism for the sake of deterritorialization, while simultaneously hating a group of people for the same thing? Perhaps you just like capitalism for another reason?

Regardless, I am done for now. I have made my point and expressed my confusion at the contradictory nature of Land’s viewpoints, as well as the strange favoritism he gives to capitalism as a force of deterritorialization, while despising the deterritorializational capacity of the black proletariat.